Ready To Shop Dining Room Chairs?

Below is a unique selection of hand-made and custom dining room chairs. Each with a one-of-a-kind design and style that adds to your kitchen decor. Now, you can furnish your dining area with a the most unique centerpiece ever. In addition, you order custom made chairs to your personal tastes…

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Alex Side Chair Beige/White

$499.00 $199.99

Alex Side Chair Blue Swavelle with Hide


Alex Side Chair Croc


Alex Side Chair Deep Red


Alex Side Chair Hazel


Alex Side Chair Ivory/Tan


Alex Side Chair Ombre


Anna Chair

Audrey Chair


Benson Side Chair Gold/Silver


Benson Side Chair Midnight Blue


Constantine Accent Chair


Darcel Side Chair


Gemma Carved Black Chair


Gemma Carved Red Chair


Gigi Curved Banquette


Grace Side Chair Ivory

$599.99 $299.99

Grace Side Chair with Black and Gold


Grace Side Chair with Crocodile Embossed


Grace Side Chair YB

$499.99 $199.99